The Haven Team

Asa Tsang, Co-Founder

Asa is responsible for handling the product strategy, user experience, and overall direction of Haven.  In addition to offline marketing activities, Asa oversees a team of moderators that ensure everyone in Haven’s community forum has a safe and pleasant experience.  He has over 15 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, start-ups, projects with fortune 500 companies.

Tasia Valenza, Head of Mindfulness and Co-Founder

Tasia is the "voice" behind all our meditation sessions.  She is an Emmy Winning Voice Over Artist inspiring to teach other through her “Giving Great Voice” through Positive Self Speak.  She has done voiceovers in Star Wars, Batman, & Spiderman.

Tyler Bel, Strategic Growth and Advisor

Tyler, an early technology adopter, grew up as a visual and performing artist who always knew that she would end up working with the digital leader and innovators as well as the entertainment industry. Her drive and discipline first led her to join the Marine Corps after college, where she pursued foreign language and communications. After her tour, she went on to use her newly honed skills in the most creative ways she saw possible: sales, marketing and advertising. Her ability to effectively convince and influence buyers and consumers led her to Portland, OR, where she found her initial niche working in Broadcast Television at the local CBS Affiliate.

Srini Nimmagadda, Technical Lead

Srini is an experienced Application Engineer with wide range of knowledge assist with early development requirements. He has strong experience in AWS infrastructure, security, & scalability. His role is to help us scale Haven to millions of users.

Gordon Goodrum, Lead Developer

Gordon is our in-house web technologies developer. Gordon provides the nuts and bolts for our web applications as well as keeping our technologies up to date and secure. He brings his experience from years of software development, creative design, and his love of the study of Human/Computer Interaction.

Jobin Thomas, AI Developer and Data Scientist

Jobin is responsible for architecting health-oriented artificial intelligence which adapts to changing client needs. By catering the design, it's possible to combine useful business factors in real-time. He has over 5 years of AI and data science consulting experience. Corporate clients have ranged from large fortune 500 companies such as Citigroup and Bell Helicopter to start ups which required nimble and tailored projects at a fast pace.

Aaron Weathers, Relationship Development and Investor

Aaron is focus and very task oriented by helping with the different media channels to promote Haven and areas that’s needing special attention.  He’s great with people and developing deep relation with influencers and sharing his passion for the application and is being the first investor for the start-up.

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