Rewire your brain using science based affirmation meditations.

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Tasia Valenza speaking at Tedx

Getting closer, November 8th, 2019. Tasia will be speaking at the #TEDxLaSierraUniversity, an amazing day at La Sierra University in Riverside -- filled with so many meaningful speakers.  Exciting news to be a part of this opportunity and sharing Haven!

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About Us

Haven is an Affirmations & Meditations platform designed to help you accomplish everything you want in life.

Reduce your stress, improve your mental power, and increase your confidence using affirmations.

In just 10 minutes a day, you can become more focused, and supercharge your day using guided affirmations.

Haven is a mindfulness app that provides positive affirmations to help rewire your brain through positive thinking.

Use this as your ASMR morning routine to achieve focus and mental freedom. Affirmations are important to help improve your life because you are filling your mind with positive thoughts.

Repeating affirmations right when you wake up will cause you to become supercharged & refreshed. Our mindfulness exercises recharges your day so you can be more happier and focused. The guided meditation affirmations provide a spiritual awakening that will drastically change your life.

The daily sessions teaches daily meditations for beginners who have no prior experience meditating. Our guided meditation exercises restores focus and keeps your mind in great shape. Through deep meditation affirmations and mental relaxation, you will achieve inner freedom, power, & peace. The daily affirmations also provide sound healing and spiritual guidance.