We can talk about how we want to lead a more disciplined life. it’s important to commit to the choice to change, and to lead a more disciplined life but it’s just the first step. Change happens when we take action toward our goal. Even if it’s the tiniest step. When we activate, we motivate ourselves to move forward. Action is the foundational key to all success. Taking action means creating active goals—both long term and short term.

Write out the goals you want to achieve. Don’t judge yourself. Know that this is a process. You may change those goals. The point is to activate them by putting words on the page (or typing them on your computer). The visceral experience of writing and seeing the words, starts the discipline ball rolling.

This active goal setting solidifies discipline because it gives us focus and clarity, putting us on the path to success. When we have a plan, we can circumvent distractions keeping our eye on the prize. Without active goals, we’re like a buoy in the ocean being bounced around by the choppy waves of our ever changing lives.

• I will achieve massive success because of my unbreakable willpower
• Self control feels effortless and natural
• I can tap into my willpower whenever I need to
• I am beginning to love the feeling of working hard and finishing what I start

• I find it easy to maintain focus and work through difficult projects
• I am finding it easier to push through difficult or boring projects
• I will become highly disciplined
• Making a plan, working hard, and seeing it through until the end is just what I do

• Having control over my impulses is easy
• I am developing an intensely focused and dedicated mindset
• My self control is growing stronger by the day
• I will become someone who others see as a hard worker who always gets things done

• I’m the kind of person who just doesn’t stop until I reach my goal
• With each passing day I gain more control over my impulses
• It’s easy for me to maintain a high level of focus and dedication
• My ability to control myself is one of my greatest strengths

• People know they can depend on me because I always finish what I start
• I will always complete every project I start
• I am becoming more focused and dedicated in all areas of my life
• Self Discipline comes naturally to me

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