Day 2 - Relationships and Communication

Leadership is about people and in order to be a great leader, he or she must understand people and create strong relationships, and that comes from good communication. Leaders also need to close their mouths and open their minds. When that happens, people feel respected, which in turn gives leaders the respect they need to lead.

And, within those relationships, there must be trust and confidence. Then, the leader is able to make a significant impact, inspiring followers and even getting them to take action.

Authors of The Leadership Challenge, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner say: "When leadership is a relationship founded on trust and confidence, people take risks, make changes, keep organizations and movements alive. Through that relationship, leaders turn their constituents into leaders themselves.”

When leaders can guide groups to collaborate and take action, communities are created.
Gilbert W. Fairholm, author of, “Leadership and the Culture of Trust,” writes, "In reality,
leadership is an expression of collective, community action.”

But, leadership starts with you and how you connect with others. Once you make that connection, you can share your ideas and even make a difference in other peoples’ lives.

A great way to create and build connection with others is to make that connection with
yourself—tapping into the deeper part of yourself; the inner you.

• My interpersonal skills are strong
• I quickly engage others in teamwork in order to optimize results
• I am able to take the lead
• People often look to me for advice

• Others will come to know me as a trustworthy leader
• Each day it becomes easier to speak up and take the lead
• I will continue to develop my reputation as a leader
• I can draw out the best in others

• I am transforming into a natural leader
• People look to me for guidance
• I will seek out new leadership opportunities
• I take charge easily no matter what the situation

• I am a good decision maker
• My leadership skills are improving every day
• People always choose me as their team leader
• People recognize me as a leader

• I eagerly accept new challenges
• I am often called on to take charge of a situation
• I will learn new things that help me become a better leader
• Leadership comes naturally to me

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    Day 2 - Relationships and Communication

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